Giving Back

Ada Ari Books is built on stories that were created for children around
Africa and it is only right to give back to these children. I have
always been passionate about the care of orphans, and there are a number
of orphanages around Africa that are providing much needed care to
children in need. 

10% of all proceeds from Ada Ari Books and our subsidiaryKOLI&OLUMis donated to orphanages around the continent of Africa.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to make an impact through Ada Ari
Books. Thank you for your patronage. Your support has multiple layers of
impact across the globe.

Since inception, we have visited numerous orphanages and contributed

•    Rent for one year
•    Mattresses
•    Toys
•    Televisions
•    Food and other provisions
•    Cash donations to run operation

We are interested in visiting other orphanages around the continent. If you know of an orphanage in need, please let us know